2nd (164 points) MiniCzechRepublic Prague
QF 17th (23 points) MiniArmenia Gyumri
FINAL  0 1 0
SF  0 2 0
QF  0 0 0

Albania has taken part in all contests to date. 6 final appearances from 12 contests including 3 top 10’s and one last placed finish in a quarter final suggest a mixed bag of result.

Anjeza Branka was the very first representative in Fantasy Eurovision for Albania, a 14th placed finish and failure to qualify for the final meant Albania would have to wait for the second contest to make a final appearance. Albania turned up in Prague for contest 2 with high hopes, having secured the talents of 2 former Eurovision hopefuls, Juliana Pasha and Luiz Ejlli worked their magic on the voters and Albania came away as runners-up and with hunger for victory in their sight.

However the next few contests proved fruitless for Albania, a 17th placed semi-final finish for Dani in the 3rd edition, 25th in the semi-final for the Zig Zag Orchestra in the 5th edition and 10th and last place in the newly introduced quarter-finals for Adelina Ismajili in the 6th edition bought disappointment to the nation. Only a 19th place final appearance for Greta Koci in the 4th edition gave the nation something to smile about.

Understandably Albania would be aiming to put things right after their last placed result and they soon embarked on their best run of results to date. Besa Kokedhima restored creditability for the nation with a 14th placed result (including a 2nd place in the semi-final), Edita Abdieski was understandably disappointed when she only managed 13th in the semi-final, though she scored a better result for Switzerland in the very same contest. But then an 8th placed finish for Evi Reci, the best result for Albania since their runners-up result in the 2nd edition and a 10th placed finish for Evlana Gjata saw Albania getting accustomed to being in the final.

Miriam Cani & Alketa also made the final, though achieving their worst result in a final to date a 22nd placed finish. Besa Kokedhima returned to the contest in the 12th edition, this time coming along with Jehona Sopi, however she was not to repeat her original success as their song crashed out in the quarter finals in just 17th place, Albania’s worst result to date based purely on their finishing number.

Results TableEdit

MiniIreland Dublin diorhomeboy Anjeza Branka Ani Ani - - 14th 40 - -
MiniCzechRepublic Prague Drew Peacock Juliana Pasha ft. Luiz Ejlli Sa e Shite Zemren 2nd 164 2nd 96 - -
MiniRussia Moscow steeleuro_wolf Dani Ik Nga Diaspora - - 17th 50 - -
MiniNorway Oslo 007-11 Greta Koci Koha S'ndalet 19th 86 9th 61 - -
Sweden Stockholm Drew Peacock Zig Zag Orchestra I Dehur Jam - - 25th 16 - -
MiniUK Manchester Poeme Adelina Ismajili Fuck the Government - - - - 10th 29
MiniFaroeIslands Tórshavn Katsuya Besa Kokedhima Kaloresi I Nates 14th 78 2nd 88 4th 78
MiniSpain Madrid JordanC55 Edita Abdieski I Come To Life - - 13th 55 4th 62
MiniSlovakia Bratislava TerryP Evi Reci Dhe Jemi Ty Dy 8th 67 11th 52 5th 69
MiniArmenia Yerevan Pooley Evlana Gjata Me Ty 10th 67 9th 59 7th 69
MiniWales LlanfairPG Fudd Miriam Cani & Alketa Don't Surrender 22nd 41 11th 48 6th 74
MiniArmenia Gyumri Katsuya Besa Kokedhima & Jehona Sopi Nuk jam Ajo - - - - 17th 23*
Sweden Helsingborg Katsuya Besa Kokedhima Engjujt vrasin njelloj - - - - 15th 29
MiniSpain Zaragoza TerryP Leonora Jakupi Zemra Te Kerkon - - 14th 39 7th 53
MiniFrance Toulouse penguinperson Blero & Zajmina Vajsari Vec ti - - - - 13th 30
Latvia Riga avb Kristine Elezaj Warpath - - - - 15th 33
MiniFaroeIslands Runavík Christian TV Love 2 Baby - - -


1st in heat 2nd in heat 3rd in heat
Qualified from heat Wildcard Eliminated due to Wildcard
Did Not Qualify from heat Last in heat Finalist
* Received a 25% deduction in points for failing to vote