1st (132 points) MiniSlovakia Bratislava
QF 15th (29 points) MiniArmenia Gyumri
FINAL  2 0 0
SF  2 0 0
QF  1 3 0

Having taken part in all 12 contests to date Armenia have made 6 final appearances and scored 2 victories, making them one of the most successful countries in fantasy eurovision history.

Andranik Manukyan & Heghine Avdalyan were tasked with representing Armenia in the debut contest, qualification and 17th in the final was the result they achieved. Sofi Mkheyan followed this up with another final appearance in the 2nd contest for Armenia, albeit a lower finishing position of 24th.

With good reason Armenia were pleased with the start they had made in the contest and they sent the big guns in the 3rd contest to try and break the top 10. Sirusho one of the biggest stars in Armenia and a former Eurovision artist took to the stage, however Armenia were about to encounter their first taste of disappointment when they could only manage 14th in the semis and an early bath. Things didn’t get much better in the following two contests. 19th in the semis for Christine Pepelyan and then 18th in the semis once again for Sirusho saw Armenia sitting out 3 finals in a row.

For the 6th contest Armenia took a risk and sent the mostly instrumental song by The Armenoids, they were rewarded for this risk by getting Armenia back into the final, 18th place (including 2nd in the quarter-finals). Sadly they couldn’t keep up the form started in the 6th contest and they next 2 contests saw first round elimination for Armenia. Lucina and Emmy both finished 13th in the quarter-finals in their respective contests.

However Armenia was about to embark on one of their most successful, but also most up and down periods seen in fantasy Eurovision. Tamar Kaprelian went to the 9th edition with high hopes and these were rewarded as she easily made the final before taking victory for Armenia, their first in the contest. Silvi Hakobyan was giving automatic qualification to the final in Armenia’s home contest, however she was unable to even come close to the result of the previous contest as she finished 25th and last in the final.

Competing once again in the quarters for the 11th edition Capital Cities were touted as one of the favourites for victory. They eased into the finals before taking the 2nd victory for Armenia in a hard fought final. Juice was tasked with the challenge to bring a respectable result for Armenia on home soil. Unlike the last contest on Armenian soil, she did not receive automatic qualification to the final and this cost her dear as she crashed out in the quarter-finals in just 15th position.

Results TableEdit

MiniIreland Dublin Chisato Geeste Andranik Manukyan & Heghine Avdalyan Hamsheni Mani 17th 92 7th 72 - -
MiniCzechRepublic Prague Diorhomeboy Sofi Mkheyan Luys Kharavum 24th 55 8th 61 - -
MiniRussia Moscow Cherubmattd Sirusho Erotas - - 14th 52 - -
MiniNorway Oslo AxG Christine Pepelyan Pathakan - - 19th 28 - -
Sweden Stockholm BethnalGreen Sirusho Havatum em (I Believe) - - 18th 40 - -
MiniUK Manchester Eloise Tardella The Armenoids Barakka 18th 102 11th 49 2nd 64
MiniFaroeIslands Tórshavn Pooley Lucina Come Get Me - - - - 13th 36
MiniSpain Madrid Basdfg Emmy Some Day - - - - 13th 14
MiniSlovakia Bratislava Pooley Tamar Kaprelian New Day 1st 132 1st 128 2nd 101
MiniArmenia Yerevan TerryP Silvia Hakobyan I Like 25th 5 - - - -
MiniWales LlanfairPG Zerase Capital Cities Safe and Sound 1st 131 1st 111 1st 122
MiniArmenia Gyumri BethnalGreen Juice You are my KIX - - - - 15th 29
Sweden Helsingborg Saturn Cher Song For the Lonely 11th 51 10th 47 15th 38
MiniSpain Zaragoza cherubmattd Tamar Kaprelian Delicate Soul 6th 76 4th 80 2nd 72
MiniFrance Toulouse youngswede Silva Hakobyan Orer - - - - 13th 9
Latvia Riga Armenia Joni Karapetyan Mari Mari - - - - 15th 26
MiniFaroeIslands Runavík Tamar Kaprelian Sinner Or A Saint - - -


1st in heat 2nd in heat 3rd in heat
Qualified from heat Wildcard Eliminated due to Wildcard
Did Not Qualify from heat Last in heat Finalist
* Deducted points for failing to vote
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