FINAL  2 0 0
SF  1 0 1
QF  1 1 2

Spain's involvement in the contests has been chequered to say the least; as part of the Big Four, the country received automatic qualification to the final for the first four contests, but failed to really set the world alight in any of them - finishing dead last in Prague, although managing to chart their first top ten finish in Oslo thanks to Ellos.

Following the abolition of the Big Four's automatic qualification, however, the country went in to freefall, failing to qualify from their semi final in either Stockholm or Manchester (albeit they would have qualified in Manchester were it not for the wildcard vote). This would all change in Tórshavn though, as Malú entered with her song Blanco y Negro. With many voters initially swung by her good looks, Malú failed not to finish in the top three in any of the three rounds, but most importantly snatched first place in the final after a tense 12 point stand-off with Matt Pokora of France.

The country would then host the eighth contest in the capital Madrid, but would suffer a massive blow when the new rule brought in to for the contest saw Natalia have to qualify for the final despite the "home advantage". Natalia failed to make it through, meaning the host country were not present in the final for the first time ever. In Bratislava, Edurne would attempt to win back some pride for her nation, finishing 3rd in her quarter final before having a massive collapse in votes by the final, finishing last.

Results TableEdit

MiniIreland Dublin thms Pol 3.14 Lo que no ves 23rd 44 - - - -
MiniCzechRepublic Prague Nicky2Win87 Macaco Puerto Presente 25th 35 - - - -
MiniRussia Moscow 007-11 La Casa Azul Superguay 15th 92 - - - -
MiniNorway Oslo Alecto Ellos Cerca 10th 104 - - - -
Sweden Stockholm Drew Peacock David Civera Bye Bye - - 17th 27 - -
MiniUK Manchester Chickens hit Diana Navarro No Te Olvides De Mi - - 10th 48 -
MiniFaroeIslands Tórshavn Katsuya Malú Blanco y Negro 1st 139 3rd 83 2nd 107
MiniSpain Madrid Carlisle156 Natalia Besa Mi Piel - - 14th 41 - -
MiniSlovakia Bratislava Hayum Edurne Oigo Mi Corazon 24th 20 6th 62 3rd 76
MiniArmenia Yerevan AcerBen Natalia Rodriguez La Noche Llego - - 19th 16 6th 65
MiniWales LlanfairPG 21stCenturyBoy Nena Daconte Tenia tanto que darte - - - - 12th 34*
MiniArmenia Gyumri Fudd David Bisbal Silencio - - 18th 37 10th 54
Sweden Helsingborg avb Venus Pin Up Girl 1st 88 1st 98 1st 138
MiniSpain Zaragoza AxG Sirenia Lost in Life 7th 74 4th 73 4th 81
MiniFrance Toulouse Stanld03 Salmah Ya Es La Hora 15th 43 4th 81 3rd 74
Latvia Riga Kvn Bustamante Abrázame Muy Fuerte - - 16th 30 5th 63
MiniFaroeIslands Runavík Ruth Lorenzo Burn - - -


1st in heat 2nd in heat 3rd in heat
Qualified from heat Wildcard Eliminated due to Wildcard
Did Not Qualify from heat Last in heat Finalist
* Received a 20% deduction in points for failing to vote
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